Estimados clientes e parceiros,

Informamos que, devido às novas medidas de combate à pandemia anunciadas pelo governo, encontramo-nos encerrados.

Até breve!


Who are we?

Aura Vinea is a small country house where the traveler can find all the peace, quiet and confort necessary to enjoy Nature with every sense.

We do our very best to provide everyone involved with the upmost conditions and to give our guests the best possible experiences. And we do so by following our main values.

Exceed ourselves. Always follow the highest development standards.

Authenticity. Establish relationships based on trust and honesty.

Flexibility.  Each client is unique, as is every worker and business partner.

Sustainability and Social Responsability. Respecting Nature and the Community, always  giving back.

Estrada Nacional 9, nº26
Meca, Alenquer 2580-179  |  +351 263 711 435

Registo RNET 8208
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