Privacy and Cookie Policies

ALMA Experience, Lda, corporate taxpayer number 514993855, based in Estrada Nacional 9, nº26, 2580-179 Meca - Alenquer,is committed to protect all personal information and privacy of those it interacts with, namely, clients, worker and business partners.

For that matter, and in compliance with UE Regulation 2016/679 of 27/04/2016, also known as General Regulation of Personal Data, henceforth GRPD, and moreover applicable legislation, Alma Experience has established the following Privacy Policy.

All the information can be gathered through email, telephone, personally or other websites.

In this website may be found access links to other websites unrelated to Alma Experience. Access links to this website may be included in other websites, also unrelated to us. Therefor, we take no responsibility for data processing in such websites

ALMA Experience Lda is responsible for it's personal data processing. We follow codes of conduct and institutionalized procedures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the information processed. Therefor, we guarantee that all personal data is safe, namely from loss, unlawful processing, destruction or accidental damage.

Personal data may be shared with third parties, for purposes described bellow, with whom we ensure the same level of security and confidentiality in data processing.


Management of contractual relationship: personal information processing is necessary to celebrate and comply to the services and products agreement between Alma Experience and its clients. Clients may opt to provide additional information, such as allergies, food restrictions or diseases, which will only be used to provide the best possible services. Personal data processing is also necessary to comply to services and products agreements between Alma Experience and its business partners.

Booking Procedures: all information is gathered, processed and kept to facilitate invoicing, room reservations and other complimentary services, for statistical purposes and quality control. In cases of non-Portuguese citizens, personal information recollection constitutes a legal obligation according to Regulatory Decree nº 27/2007 of 4 of July, with mandatory reporting to the Foreigners and Border Services Office (SEF). Without the required information we can not formalize booking procedures.

Marketing: The information gathered can be used for marketing purposes through email, SMS or phone calls. There may take place automated decisions, like profiling, in order to better suit the information provided to each client.

Quality: Alma Experience may analyze clients information, gathered through surveys, complaints or others, for statistical purposes, when given consent.

Profiling: Alma Experience may analyze clients commercial information in order to identify consumption profiles and/or, in case of consent, send customized information to clients.

Contests: Alma Experience may promote contests for which personal data procedures will be necessary, according to applicable regulations

Recruting: Candidates can apply to specific job vacancies or present a spontaneous application, however, must provide all the necessary personal information for recruitment. The data provided will only be used for recruitment purposes and it will be kept for a maximum of two years.

Human Resources Management: For contract execution, workers must provide personal information to Alma Experience. If necessary, specific consents will be required.


This website uses cookies to improve web browsing and provide the best possible service. Cookies are small files stored in the equipment though browser, gathering information regarding browsing preferences, not personal information.

However, the user may manage cookie directly in the browser. Continuing browsing, the user is consenting its usage. Deactivating cookies may affect web services, partially or completely, compromising web browsing.

You may exercise, at any given moment, your right to rectify, delete, limit data treatment, opposing, portability and/or revoking consent to persona information. For this purpose, you may direct your request to the email or by letter to Alma Experience -  Estrada Nacional 9 nº26, 2580-179 Meca - Alenquer. Revoking the consent does not compromise the lawfulness of the treatment carried out to date.

After consent for personal information processing, Alma Experience will maintain personal information up to the end of its purposed. Considering the possibility of future reservations, the information will be kept until its deletion is required.